November 27, 2022


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Marketing Technology Landscape 2022: search 9,932 solutions on

2022 Marketing Technology Landscape (MartechMap)

It is #MartechDay!

I’m delighted to ultimately share with you the 2022 promoting technological innovation landscape, a joint generation between myself and Frans Riemersma of MartechTribe (and a entire bunch of amazing contributors). Below are the crucial factors you want to know:

The wild-and-outrageous 11-yr progression of the martech landscape appears to be like this:

Martech Landscapes, 2011-2022

Or, if you like a more quantitative see of the 6,521% expansion about individuals 11 a long time:

Martech Landscape Growth, 2011 to 2022

We retired the moniker “Martech 5000”, which had speedily develop into a misnomer. This yr it would have been just about the Martech 10,000! Instead, we’ve renamed this task “Martech Map” because…

We have launched a new interactive web-site at, cost-free to use, that allows you lookup, sort, and filter the full landscape. You can research by keyword. You can filter by a vendor’s HQ country. You can rearrange the display screen, zoom in, and even develop a PDF of your personal.

Disclaimer: the web site is nonetheless in beta, so please bear with us via any tough edges.


You can also lead to the details established — and you should do! Find something wrong in the information? Missing seller? Vendor that’s changed categories or gone away? Permit us know. We think about this a local community job, and we gladly rejoice all of the contributors to it.

The massive scale and immediate amount of adjust of the martech business and the wealth of answers inside of it was no lengthier very well-served by a as soon as-a-calendar year, static graphic. It is a place in time, which is interesting to see year-above-calendar year. But we want this group useful resource to be some thing that is current on a much more continual basis.

By now generating the graphic algorithmically, it is easy to release updates in a matter of minutes — versus the darkish ages of hand-placing minimal logos manually on a slide (hats off to you, Anand Thaker and Jeff Eckman, for all your prior assist with that!). By making use of a vendor’s favicon from their internet site, which we can refresh at any time, we also help you save both ourselves and vendors from the angst of outdated logos.

The aesthetic is distinct with this grid of favicon logos, but the simple added benefits of prompt updates weigh heavily in its favor. Just as just about every other component of promoting and martech is evolving, so far too should the martech landscape.

State of Martech 2022 Report

Of class, one particular of the perennial reactions to the martech landscape is: how can there be so many distributors? How has this market place not consolidated but? Certainly it is destined to collapse, any moment now, ideal?

These are good issues to inquire. I request them myself all the time.

It’s worth noting that 972 suppliers from the 2020 landscape have been eradicated for 2022, both thanks to currently being acquired or some considerably less delighted exit from the market place. That’s 12% churn from two decades back! The martech landscape does consolidate.

But at the same time, new suppliers preserve getting into the current market (and much more who have been in the market place maintain getting identified in our ongoing research). Even though 972 distributors had been taken off, a whopping 2,904 sellers have been extra, which brought the internet overall from 8,000 to 9,932.

Frans and I have several designs and theses that present some rationalization to these dynamics that we see in the market. This yr, we have included them — alongside with a bunch of other excellent details about stack adoption styles — in a Condition of Martech 2022 report.

It is totally free for you to obtain (absolutely ungated):

State of Martech 2022 Report

(As a bonus, the report also features all of the entries to The Stackies 2022: Advertising and marketing Tech Stack Awards, so you can overview illustrations of how other organizations have combined martech alternatives in their marketing and advertising stacks.)

The analysis for this task and the accompanying report was generously supported by these 6 sponsors. We would kindly inspire you to check out them out:

In addition, we’ve designed a “gratitude graphic” that demonstrates the quite a few contributors to the martech landscape information established. We hope you are going to be part of them for a upcoming update that contains contributions you choose to make.

Martech Map 2022 Contributors

Merry #MartechDay to you — I hope you love this new graphic, report, and interactive web-site.

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